About Sunrise Energy Ventures

Sunrise Energy Ventures is a solar energy development company bringing high-quality solar energy installations to communities across the United States. We offer vast expertise, industry knowledge, and business acumen to build and deliver solar energy projects that provide communities a sustainable source of clean energy and investors a viable and high-value asset providing a meaningful and stable return on investment.

The success of our many projects is a result of our ability to work effectively with a range of valued stakeholders – from landowners to zoning authorities to utilities. Our trust-based and collaborative relationships ensure the best, highest quality solar projects that deliver clean energy for decades to come.



Our Mission

We develop exceptional quality solar installations that provide communities with clean, affordable energy and investors with a steady and significant return on their investment.

Our Values + Ethics

Our relationships are based on trust, created and built over our many years in the energy business. Everything we do is guided by values and ethics that are the foundation of our business, our history and our future:

We are honest, transparent and ethical

We are respectful of others

We follow all laws and regulations

We fulfill our business commitments


Dean Leischow

Dean Leischow


Dean Leischow, Chief Executive Officer, has served in the energy business for over 30 years. Previous to focusing his work on energy production, Mr. Leischow has worked for Fortune 100 companies in energy efficiency and process management and was a pioneer in the performance contracting business. Read more.

Joe Tierney

Joe Tierney

Director of Project Development

Joe Tierney, Director of Project Development, has over 8 years of experience in solar development and energy management. With a background in physics and economics, Mr. Tierney brings both practical experience and intellectual command to each project under development at Sunrise Energy Ventures. Read more.


We use proven technologies and business models to ensure our solar projects are good for both communities and investors. By carefully managing every last detail concerning siting and land use agreements, regulatory and zoning compliance, community relations, construction contracts, and revenue and PPA contracts, we ensure successful outcomes for everyone involved.

Photovoltaic Basics

Photovoltaic (PV) devices convert light into direct current electricity. They have no moving parts, and use the properties of semi-conductor materials to perform conversion. Photovoltaic cells are usually installed in large arrays to maximize efficiency. Most arrays are enclosed in sealed frames so that little or no maintenance is required.

A complete PV power system includes one or more arrays, support structures, distribution and safety wiring, and conversion equipment such as inverters or charge controllers. These are known as balance-of-system components.

Solar Energy Evolution

PV technology was developed more than a century ago, and became practical in 1954, when Bell Labs invented the silicon solar cell. The New York Times called it “the beginning of a new era, leading eventually to the realization of one of mankind’s most cherished dreams—the harnessing of the almost limitless energy of the sun for the uses of civilization.”

The first significant use of solar power was in satellites and spacecraft, which could not carry fuel. Today, the most common applications are in generating electric power for homes, businesses, and utility providers.

Solar Benefits

The energy produced by PV systems is 100% sustainable. Unlike fossil fuels or renewables that are burned to generate power, solar energy does not consume physical materials. By replacing other energy sources, it reduces harmful effects on the natural environment.


We are currently hiring the following position(s):

Solar Project Developer

Sunrise Energy Ventures is bringing high-quality solar energy installations to communities across the United States. The success of our projects is a result of our collaborative approach to working with the range of stakeholders involved in a solar installation – from landowners to zoning authorities to utilities. We are seeking an experienced Solar Project Manager to join our growing team.

The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic self-starter, with excellent communication skills and strong solar energy experience.

Position responsibilities:

  • Identify and determine market feasibility
  • Review and understand various utility or state programs and their impact on the solar market
  • Review and deliver all project based contractual obligations for utility and distributed generation PV projects
  • Responsible for meeting project development objectives as set from year to year
  • Perform preliminary site visit for evaluation and feasibility of design
  • Review and determine project related expenses
  • Review and negotiate contracts for purchase or lease of sites
  • Work with engineering to optimize site design that complies with local rules
  • Review all internal engineering designs for project and how they relate to site requirements
  • Assist in selection of subcontractors, professional services partners needed for specific regional development objectives, etc.
  • Deep knowledge of energy sale/revenue contracts with Utilities
  • Responsible for all permitting applications through State and Federal government agencies, submitting and obtaining use permits from Townships. Liaise and manage relationships with governmental, environmental as well as engineering firms and consultants to prepare all necessary documentation for presentation to the proper authorities in order to obtain permits and licenses, this includes special use permit, conditional use permits, interim use permits, property tax requirements, etc.
  • Work with local authorities to propose zoning ordinances text amendments, request variances to zoning code when necessary, and generally understand what zoning overlay is allowable for development in various local jurisdictions
  • Defining and enforce project milestones and deadlines
  • Become familiar with relevant state, county, city, and utility codes, procedures, regulations, and interconnection requirements pertinent to projects
  • Acquire appropriate internal approvals prior to submitting letters of intent and/or purchase agreements
  • Project development cost management

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Ideal candidate will have proven project management experience with commercial and utility scale PV
  • Development and/or project management background minimum five (5) years required
  • Candidate should demonstrate strong field experience alongside advanced supervisory, management and administrative ability
  • Hands-on background in PV with demonstration of progressive increase in responsibility towards managing multi-million dollar, multi-megawatt PV projects
  • Knowledge of PV systems, inverters and project financing


  • Project Management/Development experience within commercial- or utility-scale PV; minimum five (5) years required
  • Demonstrated ability to develop new business relationships quickly and develop rapport with stakeholders
  • Self-starter, able to work independently with the ability to quickly resolve key project issues with little oversight
  • High level of professionalism with attention to detail
  • Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills
  • Superior time management and interpersonal skills
  • High proficiency with MS Excel, MS Project, and/or other PM software
  • Fluency of MS Word, PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of PV Watts, PVSYST, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, and basic financial modeling
  • AutoCad a plus

Educational Background:

  • Minimum BA/BS degree required- Construction Management, Engineering, or related field
  • Master’s Degree a plus
  • Any courses in PV will be considered a plus

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to aschreiner@sunriseenergyventures.com.

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