Sunrise Energy Ventures is a hands-on collaborative partner with the many stakeholders involved in creating clean, affordable energy for communities and a long-term revenue streams for investors. At all points along the way of developing a solar energy installation, our work draws on:

Thorough research

Responsible sourcing

Educated decision making

Win-win solutions

Full disclosure and open communication

Extensive knowledge of industry technology, data and trends

Highly regarded, expert consultants

We are meticulous in our approach, conducting thorough research, analysis and execution. Our network of skilled engineers, surveyors, title companies, and attorneys exhaustively vet the details of our projects, so our stakeholders know that what we promise we will deliver. Communities and investors can rely on us – every step of the way — to provide superior quality product.

With our fully deployed team and under the leadership of our CEO, Dean Leischow, we expertly and systematically manage every aspect of the solar development process:

Solar Development Process

Complying with regulations

We scrupulously follow all laws and regulations, thoroughly evaluate all state and local regulatory requirements, and assess any future issues that may impact our investors.

Finding perfect land

Finding the right location for a solar installation requires exhaustive research, testing and regulatory compliance. We find land that looks like a perfect match for an installation, then take all the necessary steps to ensure that land is properly zoned, that it will comply with all environmental laws and regulations, and that it presents the right geological conditions for an installation.

Partnering w/ landowners

We understand the concerns of landowners and work hard to address their needs. We partner with landowners to purchase or lease property that is well suited for solar development. Our agreements provide landowners with a solid, long-term source of revenue, giving fair value for the use of their land.

Engaging our communities

We know the importance clean energy has for our communities, and we appreciate that there are questions about how solar installations might impact neighborhoods. We are steadfast in our commitment to engage, share information, liaison with planning and zoning boards, and make sure all questions are thoroughly answered.

Working with contractors

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with building contractors who know our industry and will deliver everything we ask for – timelines, performance specifications and cost mitigation when required.

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