Solar Contractors in Minnesota

Sunrise Energy Ventures, a solar energy developer based in Minnesota, has developed many successful solar energy projects in the United States. With a corporate office in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan area, we help communities reduce their energy costs and their carbon footprint through the use of leading-edge renewable energy systems.

Our projects page details how our Minnesota installations will be equal to avoiding 152,020 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

Why Minnesota Chooses Sunrise Energy Ventures

We are careful in our approach

Under the leadership of our CEO, Dean Leischow, we take extremely careful measures when we work with our clients. We perform in-depth research, analysis and implementation. Our network of accomplished engineers, surveyors, title companies, and attorneys systematically assess the fine points of each project, so our stakeholders can rest easy knowing that we will follow through on our guarantee.

We act in accordance with regulations

Determining the perfect Minnesota location for a solar installation involves extensive research, several assessments and our legal compliance. Our professionals locate land that looks like an ideal match for an installation, then we follow every required step to guarantee that land is correctly zoned, that it will adhere to all environmental laws and regulations, and that it offers the appropriate geological conditions for such an undertaking.

We build strong relationships with landowners and building contractors

Our solar energy experts recognize the worries that landowners have and make sure to address these concerns. We team up with landowners to buy or lease property that is compatible for solar development. Our contracts offer landowners with a consistent source of revenue, delivering fair value for the use of their land. In addition, we work closely with building contractors, and choose professionals who understand our clients’ needs.

Learn how we work by visiting our process page. If you are looking for a reliable solar energy developer, contact Sunrise Energy Ventures today.

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